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We have great emergency fire and rescue response and
police protection for the racers and the public by city, county, and state agencies.

The City Of Kingman Fire Department was on standby.

City of Kingman Fire Department

The Kingman Fire Department is a part of the City of Kingman municipal government. Our services are provided throughout the city limits. The department consists of career and volunteer employees providing prevention and response activities.

The current personnel roster consists of 12 part-time and 48 full-time career personnel, 3 civilian support personnel, 2 hydrant maintenance personnel. In the operations division, 42 career employees are on three rotating shifts of 14 personnel each working 24 hour shifts, providing emergency response, inspection and assistance in public education activities. Each shift is managed by a Battalion Chief. Administration, Fire Prevention, Training and Education are the other divisions necessary for our well rounded department.

Currently there are 55 full time sworn officers, 1 animal control officers, 31 civilian employees and 16 volunteers proudly serving the people of the City of Kingman.

Responsibilities include providing e911 dispatching for the City of Kingman Fire Department, and City of Kingman Animal Control.

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Kingman is the county seat of Mohave County.

Mohave County Living Mohave County Sheriff

DPS Headquarters is located at 2319 E. Andy Devine Ave.
The Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) is a multi-faceted organization. It remains a state-level law enforcement agency working in close partnership with other agencies to protect the public.

Don't Drink and Drive!

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When You Live in Kingman,
You Can Get Away From Nature's Fury!
No Wildfires - No Earthquakes - No Tornadoes - No Volcanoes
No Hurricanes -
No Mudslides - No Flooding
No Snow, Ice or Bitter Winter Weather
Kingman AZ is A Great Place To Live!
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