Arizona features four popular snow-ski areas including the Snowbowl, Sunrise
Ski Resort, Mt Lemmon and Elk Ridge. Arizona is more than a desert! Arizona skiing and other snow sports are a great.

Flagstaff and Williams ski aread are an easy day trip where you can satisfy that urge to ski. It is great for for family outings or weekend ski getaways with your friends.

Most people who have never been to Arizona think only of hot arid desert and cactus. Arizona has forested mountain peaks and deep ski bases topped with powdered snow perfect for snow-skiing during the winter months in the higher elevation areas.

All Arizona ski areas feature slopes for all skill levels including beginners, young children and advanced skiers.

Arizona Snowbowl
Flagstaff's ski area is a great place to escape
Sunrise Park
The White Mountains of Arizona have great skiing
Elk Ridge
600 foot vertical drop near Williams, Arizona.
Mt. Lemmon
6,000 feet above and 25 miles from Tucson, Arizona.

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