Annual Mohave County Gemstoners
Gem, Craft and Mineral Show

Held at the

Kingman Academy of Learning
3419 Harrison Street
Kingman, Arizona

Local Artisans, Dealers, Children’s Events, Club Displays, Silent Auction, Raffle Prizes, Hourly Drawings, Free Parking
The purpose of the Mohave County Gemstoners is to:

1. Stimulate interest in Mineralogy and Lapidary Arts
2. Stimulate individual’s interest in cutting and
displaying of minerals, fossils and gemstones.
3. Stimulate interest in Stonecutting, carving and
setting of fine gems and jewelry.
4. Stimulate interest in other areas, such as faceting,
jewelry design, jewelry fabrication and

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Be the Better Gemstoner, come to the meetings and events.
Guests and visitors welcome
Kingman Arizona Annual Events List With Dates
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