Mighty Mud Mania
The Annual Mighty Mud Mania sponsored by the City of Kingman is held at Firefighter’s Park. Mud Mania is open to anyone wanting to take part in this annual summer ritual which signals the start of the coming school season.

Brave souls slip and slosh their way to a dirty and gritty ending while trying to win the crown of fastest mud runner in their age division. Boys and girls compete separately to see who can navigate the obstacle course the fastest.

The Champion and Runner-up in each age division is awarded a Mud Mania Tee-shirt and the winner will also receive a Champion Mud Mania Trophy. Age divisions are divided into 4 and 5 year old, 6 and 7, 8 and 9, 10 and 11, 12 to 14 years, 15 to 17, 18 to 34 years and the Sr. Division of 35 years and older.

It’s dirty, fun for all, and a great way to spend a day in the park. Participants have the opportunity to get clean by stepping into the friendly Haz-Mat shower after their run. See you at the big event!

The Mighty Mud Mania Course
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